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Azienda agricola Carassai Giordano


I'm Giordano Carassai. Welcome to my farm!

Together with my family I manage this small and lively reality which initially started from the natural cultivation of a large vegetable garden. The children of the village school have nicknamed me Giordano l'Ortolano and the farm logo was inspired by one of their drawings.

The Carassai Giordano farm is a project that was born from my great passion for the countryside in 2015 in Belforte del Chienti on just over 3 hectares of land.

In our spare time, my brother and I immediately began to redevelop the agricultural area purchased on the outskirts of the town, clearing it of the wild vegetation which, over the years of neglect, had taken possession of what is now a green garden. This now houses the truffle ground, some animals from our educational farm, the orchard, a small vineyard and our eatery that promotes our products and the excellence of the area.

In 2017 there followed the processing of a small piece of land adjacent to Old Lake Belforte, which today houses the vegetable garden cultivated with natural methods, farmyard animals, pigs and calves raised in a semi-wild state and, since 2022, another truffle ground.


Our Farm

In 2021, land located in C.da Rofanello, in the Municipality of Tolentino, a few kms away from the rest of our lands, also became part of the farm. Here there is the olive grove, made up of about 100 plants, fruit and nut trees.

To date, the Carassai Giordano farm extends over a total of 8 hectares of land. It is a lively ongoing venture, which today involves the whole family.

Since 2022, the garden of our farm has been open to the public with our eatery that gives the possibility of being at one with nature.

The Carassai Giordano farm was born with the aim of improving the quality of life for our family, through a healthy lifestyle that includes proper nutrition, a reunion with nature, but also through a process of the rediscovery of traditions, practices of the past and the enhancement of the territory.

Working the land with a respect for nature and health is a passion that rewards us with fruits with a unique flavour. Seasonality at the table and that of the work in the fields is a value of our culture which needs to be safeguarded and passed on to both children and adults.

For us, appreciating the flavours, colours, sounds of nature and the noises of life in the field means bringing the memories and stories of our grandparents and fathers back to life.

Our mission is to pass them on with great humility and extreme dedication to our children and let them be experienced by our customers and all those who wish to share this with us.

Our continuous source of learning are memories, the memory shared with the elderly and the earth itself which shows us how to improve every day.


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