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Where We Are


The Carassai Giordano farm is located in Belforte del Chienti, in the province of Macerata, a small and beautiful fifteenth-century village, a treasure chest of artistic and naturalistic treasures, partly known and partly still to be explored and enhanced.

The heart of our farm is located in Borgo Santa Maria, one of the oldest neighborhoods in the country. Near the exit of the highway you will find the truffle ground and the garden that houses our eatery and is surrounded by the orchard and the vineyard. Our donkey Rolando and the sheep also live there.

On the ancient road that connects Belforte to Tolentino, on the shores of the old lake of the town, there is the vegetable garden, a truffle ground and the space dedicated to the poultry, pigs and cattle.

We are in a place steeped in distant history, but also the more recent one passes through our lands.


The truffle grounds are connected to each other by a small brick bridge that the inhabitants of Belforte had built after the bombing of the main bridge during the Second World War. We are jealous custodians of the history and beauty that surrounds us.

Furthermore, from every corner of our land, it is possible to admire a suggestive glimpse of Upper Belforte.

Regaining and reliving the places abandoned in the past decades is important and allows us to refresh our roots.

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