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In 2016 we set up the first truffle ground driven by my brother's great passion for the world of truffles and truffle hunting. There are about 350 downy oak, hornbeam, holm oak, Turkey oak and hazel trees which, in winter, produce an excellent prized black truffle.

The following year a second truffle ground of the same type was established. Both are grown in a completely natural way with calcareous breccino mulch and drip irrigation system. These last two techniques, in particular, allow us to reduce the evaporation of moisture in the soil, at the same time lowering the soil temperature by contrasting the development of weeds and to provide sufficient water supply to the plants in times of drought.

The prized black truffle gives off an intense aroma and has a delicate flavour and is a very versatile ingredient in the kitchen.

It is the most prestigious quality of all black truffles and its harvesting period runs from December to March.

In 2022, to expand and diversify production, we set up a truffle ground dedicated to the cultivation of black summer truffles, also known as "Scorzone".

The smell of Scorzone is more delicate than that of prized black and is reminiscent of mushrooms. The flavour is less decisive and resembles that of porcini mushrooms. In the kitchen, you need to pay attention to pairings, to avoid covering up the delicate flavour. Its harvest period is the summer season.

Our educational farm also offers the experience of truffle hunting with an expert and a dog.

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